How we work

We are an international organization, that has changed in recent years the way that we work. Originally and to a degree with some projects and groups we still do,  run clubs and projects as divisions of New Atlantis.


The majority of of are activities these days is in stimulating and supporting, with a network of help available as well. This now means that a new club or organization can be established to meet a need, be supported by us and work closely with both us and other similar organizations and clubs that we work with.


We have devises a system where needs are met via a commissioning structure, and commissioned service providers used to provide the front line activities. The great advantage of this is that a club no longer has to build a large structure open offices and employ staff but can utilize and share resources. NAISC New Atlantis International Services Corporation has been established to undertake a lot of the commissioning roles world wide, and a variety of service providers have also been set up, providing a wide range of services in a variety of countries. Although it sounds complicated it operates well and the members have very few people that they need to be able to contact these being able to co-ordinate others.


With a variety of clubs, located in different countries, we naturally find as each starts to expend internationally that there is overlap, and we have dealt with this by encouraging co-operation and sharing of information and resources rather than competition. this is most often accomplished by opening up the range of services one club has to other members of other clubs, at no additional charge. The savings in reducing duplication allowing a greater degree and range of services to be provided.


On the internet we have similar facilities, having developed a system called friendly systems, this allows a part of  web site to be run within other web sites. So far this is being used for portals to provide other information and share links, but in the future it is going to open up a large amount of information exchange without people having to switch out of one web site to another.


Some entities are financially self supporting others require our help for longer and some will always need support to function.


In addition to all of this we have  a number of other sides, including a virtual country, covered in more detail on this site, community programs and a project to build a floating continent.


The basic building blocks that allow all this to happen are New Atlantis Trusts, these are small groups or people, clubs, organizations and others who have agreed to work according to a far higher code than most outside, where honor , trust and reliability is paramount. The trusts are like members of a large family each helping and supporting each other and being able to be completely relied upon. 


The simple concepts on this page are allowing near miricles to occur worldwide and you can see more details across a range of web sites, accessible from our main website at and details of trusts and the virtual kingdom, hour based philosophies and more on this website.