Real world activities

Today most of what people see of New Atlantis is not the virtual kingdom, or the details being worked out to build a large floating continent but the large number of clubs, projects, and organizations, that have been formed and supported by New Atlantis, that is making great changes to improve peoples lives.


These have covered the leisure areas, the arts, publishing and currently many are focusing on  helping people to obtain a home, build a pension or increase their wealth, others are shortly to join these to extend this further from a projects to get homes for those who do not think they will ever  be able to afford them, to projects looking at managing money and looking at wills and trusts,


On the internet there are a variety of organizations and projects from the WorldWide Library making free ebooks available to all,  and a similar picture library projects to portals and vast number of educational and information sites.


Other organizations and projects are involved in carrying out fact finding investigations, helping writers and more.


In fact so much that it takes afar larger web site than this one to tell you all about it.


Our main websites at  specializes in the real world activities, and links to the very many other specialist websites we have together with them, many clubs, organizations and projects.