The starting point

The starting point for every member of New Atlantis is that of citizen. As a citizen you agree with the concepts of New Atlantis, but of course still have your own viewpoint on just about everything. Obviously if your views were completely against those of New Atlantis you would not want to join.

Next you join or form one or more trusts. Trusts are groups of citizens, perhaps a club, interest group, business, project  or family group. Most citizens are a member of a number of trusts.

The difference between a citizen and a trust other than one being a collection of the other is that trusts have to completely stick to the principles of New Atlantis, and have no independent viewpoint. The head of every trust is the president of New Atlantis.

If you look at historic material (on the archive web site) you will see that there is a slight change over time. Individual citizens no longer have to take an oath of allegiance to the president, or look on him as the equivalent to an ancient king. We are far less structured than we were at one time, with trusts taking a far more important role and having more freedom as to how they operate.

Every officer, even the president is also a citizen, and any officer can and many do decide to either permanently or temporarily give up a role they are undertaking and may then become a citizen only.

Becoming a citizen

In concept nothing could be easier, you just decide it is for you, there is no subscription, membership fee and we have also discontinued the central register. The president would like to know that you have become a citizen, and to do this use the form you can get to by clicking here. Contacting the president is completely optional; and you can become a citizen without telling anyone at all.

Some like to have a ceremonial element and this is often provided by one of the trusts they join. If you create your own group then of course you can create your own ceremonial, but it should follow the concept of a commitment from people and them being honored for giving the undertaking. You should take great care not to involve anything that can be misunderstood through ignorance, stupidity or by those having some other motive.