A virtual state is very much like a conventional state, it has citizens, a system of management, with officers, and projects or activities.

The only real differences are that:-

Through history there has been many landless groups, some such as the Jews have obtained land and some like the Romany's continue to move around. The lack of understanding of these cultures and fear that they challenge either the officials or security of a small amount of ground has made these peoples often targets of mistreatment. When some have been given ground as in the case of establishing Israel, this has been at the cost of some other group and created enormous friction, and problems.

New Atlantis was established initially as a completely virtual country and from the beginning we have said we do not want to have the land belonging to anyone else. 

Although it might make perfect sense and be far more economic to convert a piece of desert, uninhabited island, or other unused territory, in the longer term someone or other would want it back.

The tabs on the top of this and other pages will allow you to look in more detail at our virtual kingdom, from the structure of society, to officers and citizens. You will also find information relating to the state in relation to the floating kingdom on our build site.

Within this site any reference to 'he' or 'him' would also refer to her or she. Within New Atlantis there is parity between male and females. We also treat all those over 14 as young adults, not children.