Building our own continent

Some may say we are all insane, others that we have a vision, while most see the theory, but doubt if such  project will ever be possible. Originally we thought that we are probably not talking of this happening within our lifetime, however a great many advances have been made, and we are far nearer now than we would have even dreamt possible. It is wise however to look on this as a futuristic project, something that may not happen in our lifetime, getting it right being more important than making it happen faster.

The objective is to create our own land, as a floating complex spiral of large islands, surrounded by a protective wall. In fact the latest designs have a large tadpole shape appearance from a distance. The idea originated very early on when we first started looking at how a country could be optimally organized and ruled. Of course it was totally theoretical, then when the choices project was renamed Atlantis we had thought of a new land in the Atlantic, and with the change to New Atlantis in 1996 we formalized the idea within our constitution.

 If this can one day be done, then it will be;-

Perhaps these ideas may stimulate you to investigate further or stimulate you to stretch your mind, exploring new ideas, technologies, opportunities or making you consider the age of exploration has only just begun.

We have a large web site devoted completely to building the new floating country, it is at::-

You can find historic documents and discussion on this going back some years, including discussion on feasibility, the original design requirements and more on:- 

We don't want to put too much emphasis on this, yes its interesting, and we are working towards it, but it is not what New Atlantis is all about. Our objective is to improve peoples lives and this is only one way of achieving this, and then probably in the future while we have other methods that are improving lives today.