The president is the head of state, of the virtual state. They can be male or female.

It is for life or until such time as he shall choose to stand down.

He can appoint a regent to take on his role for a period or any part of his role should he choose.

The outgoing president selects his successor, this is a similar model to that used by the Roman Empire, and allows the best person to be selected. No political parties are involved in our process and titles and roles are not hereditary.

The presidents role is a working one, he settles disputes between trusts that cannot be worked out by other means, is the highest point of appeal, and has the power to appoint or remove any official. He is automatically the president of each and every NA trust.

For many years our current president had a very hands on approach to many of the physical community projects and we made great progress in those areas. 

A few years ago he had a heart attack and then a bypass, he has now largely recovered and although unable to do all he could before physically, has made up for it in ideas and motivation on projects, leading to the new range of major international projects being established, and the modified commissioning structure

He has also concentrated on development of the floating kingdom and this is now racing ahead. He is highly committed to many of our projects and very involved in much that is happening.

So why don't we have a photo of him and details on him on this website. 

The simple reason is that he is a working member of New Atlantis and many who are involved in New Atlantis projects will get to met him and be helped by him. Its not difficult for you to work out if you really want to find out as it is on other websites, but discussing too many people discussing royal duties and presidential roles is a distraction from what he really wants to do, make things happen now. 

He won't therefore open anything, plant ceremonial trees, shake hands with lines of people without any purpose, or play the VIP. 

For those outside of New Atlantis the best way to think of him is as the general secretary of a large international non profit organization, making things happen and resolving problems, those inside New Atlantis will know him on first name terms and all citizens have his direct phone numbers, including free international message numbers that allow free calls to his message service from just about every country in the world.