New Atlantis, is an honor based society. That means we live in today's age, but based on the honor system of older times.

The head of our virtual country is a life president, a prince of our royal family, the state comprises a collection of organizations we call trusts, a trust could be an interest group or club, a family unit, or a group of people. Most citizens will be members of several trusts.

Trusts and citizens live when dealing with other citizens and trusts by an honor code, we try to also extend this to dealing with the wider world, but often this is not fully practical or safe to do, when you are dealing with people, who do not value honor and truth.

So what do we mean by an honour based system.

We mean:-

This gives a good idea what we mean by honorable society. On the archive website you will find an early rule book, and far greater definition of how New Atlantis was envisaged.

The tabs for officers and citizens above tell you more about the current situation.