Trust Formalities


As we have said above you decide to establish a trust according to the principles and do so. The president of New Atlantis automatically becomes the president of your trust, this does not mean he will be routinely involved. However it does mean that should a problem develop between your group or between your trust and another you can ask the president to get someone to make a decision on what should happen. This will most often be one of the members of the New Atlantis royal family.

You do not have to tell us, or do anything specific to become a citizen or form a trust currently, it is all personal undertaking you make to yourself and other members of your group. If you wish and it is optional you can let us know about your trust by by emailing us about it, soon you will also be able if you want to completing the form available by clicking here, but its not quite ready yet.

You may ask, what stops just anyone saying they have New Atlantis trust status, well nothing at all at this time. We treat all as if they had a clean slate, they are working from now forward, and as long as they run their trust honorably we will not take away their trust status, however if they do not, then we reserve the right either to tell them that they can non longer consider themselves trust, or to issue a presidential order as the head of their organization, instructing them on changes to make. We are not always negative, in some cases we will offer help, or put them in touch with another trust who can help them to achieve more. Trusts that are listed on our websites are monitored and work closely together. Only trusts referred to on our web site should you take as being personally recommended by us.

If you wish to make it formally a NA Trust and for us to index your web site from ours, and to put the presidents name on your web site or stationary, then we do ask that you email us and ask. We will then want to know a lot more about what you are doing, and may ask too many questions. Effectively you are asking for the whole of New Atlantis to give you a seal of approval.

If your trust is to offer services to other members, it will need to be commissioned to undertake this, and this is done by  New Atlantis International Services Corporation NAISC, see its website at  for details on how this all happens.

Unless you ask us to and agree, we do not publicize you, or anything you talk to us about.

To get the personal approval of the president Email 

To ask any questions email