Trusts - the basic unit of construction

This and the following pages are  an attempt to explain fairly briefly how New Atlantis trusts work and their role in everything. although a part of the virtual world, or kingdom concept they are also have a major impact on the running of all our real world activities. The term New Atlantis trust in this concept is not connected with any company or trusts status registered anywhere outside of the wider New Atlantis projects.

So here goes.

As a part of the original concepts of New Atlantis and within the virtual world side we have always had New Atlantis trusts. Most companies who supply service and clubs and other groups have acquired New Atlantis trust status. As an honor based society each goes to extreme lengths not to let another down and deals completely honorably with each other. Holding trust status is therefore like being a member of a completely trusting and honorable family, where each will support the other. Although they have agreements or contracts between them, this is for clarity not a legal need. The word from one trust to another is absolute. This allows a level of trust and openness that it would just not be wise to even consider when dealing with the world at large.

We try as far as it is sensible to go to carry forward these concepts when dealing with others, however clearly there are limits as to how far this can be done.

New Atlantis is made up of many units we call trusts, these are clubs, interest groups, businesses, projects or family groups. They comprise groups of people or in some cases New Atlantis citizens or other trusts. 

Trusts can be permanent as for example the Independent Inquiry Society or Atlantis Virtual World Ltd, can be temporary while a need exists or there are officers to run them, or may be at first a part of New Atlantis and then split away and sometimes rejoin. There are examples of each. 

A New Atlantis trust is special in that it undertakes to survive and run its affairs completely according to the principles of New Atlantis, and while a trust, the president of New Atlantis will be its theoretical head, this is the reason why so often you will come across our presidents name as the president of other organizations. Every element of New Atlantis is a trust, for example the New Atlantis Royal family is a trust. So it very much is the building blocks everything else is made from.

As trusts are also citizens of New Atlantis, a trust can have other trusts amongst its members.

People outside of New Atlantis can be a part of a club or entity that is a New Atlantis trust, but the officers of the trust have to be New Atlantis citizens, or they have to have special approval from the president of new Atlantis, this is usually given on the understanding that the trust will have very tight objectives and defined means of meeting its objectives that comply with new Atlantis philosophies. Corporations can have directors who are not New Atlantis citizens providing they undertake to run the corporation according to the principles of New Atlantis.

A trust can be a separate legal entity, a non profit independent body or a company owned by citizens, or a sub section of any of these or of the New Atlantis non profit company, limited by guarantee.

If your trust is to offer services to other members, it will need to be commissioned to undertake this, and this is done by  New Atlantis International Services Corporation NAISC, see its website at  for details on how this all happens.

Unless you ask us to and agree, we do not publicize you, or anything you talk to us about.

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