Virtual World


For some years on our web sites we divided everything between real and virtual world activities. This section of the site has less information about individual real world trusts, concentrating within the virtual country side on explaining how things work, with few examples.

While by virtual state we are talking about a landless state, the structure of society and how we organize ourselves, when we refer to virtual world we mean less solid ideas, and services, such as web site portals, educational sites, courses etc.

On this page I am not covering the virtual kingdom as that is covered fully on this website, but looking at our other activities, that border on this. I am not covering the new continent covered by the build project either as that is explained on another page.

Principally here I am looking at how the internet is being used.

We have over some years, partly as a result of some problems encountered by a wide group of our UK trusts, plus the growth and practical development of the internet developed far more on the virtual world side.

18 years or possibly more ago, before the internet, we had a multi line Bulletin board service (BBS) that was way ahead of its time, running in a map like mode, where you could select the library for books on line, post office for communication, station to contact other sites etc. To a degree this approach was used with earlier versions of this web site and sections of this philosophy can still be seen within parts of our archive site.


Today we make far greater use of the internet and have far more web sites, having different sites for different tasks, often with trusts or companies set up to run them. Currently there are well over 150 web sites, with more being developed all the time. The websites buttons at the very top of this page gives you a starting point with a few of these. Some others are on the links page, button on the left.

Perhaps as time goes on we will see less distinction, for example between a club that holds meetings with training sessions and a web site providing on screen training. 

Besides this has a map style virtual world developing, and while at the moment perhaps limited in real use is allowing other ways to be explored of using the internet. More on this below.

Expanding in the real world

We have been instrumental in establishing a wide range of clubs and organizations, as well as the support arrangements to make it possible for them to operate internationally.  some sections of New Atlantis are also what we call real world operations i that they relate to people in the real world outside of the virtual kingdom. Most of these clubs and organizations have a number of websites some different websites for each country that they service.

Yet more is growing and and further projects are in developments these are all covered on our main public website at 

Expanding the internet support

The internet from its beginning has been all about sharing information, some you may approve of and some not. Over time it has become more commercialized and more governments and groups have tried to interfere with the liberties of those who use it.

New Atlantis has been involved in exploring new ways to make the internet easier to use, from the push button start-page sites (see for example  to the on line book style portals that are accessible from 

From you will find a map or game like array of sites that present a fun way to explore the internet, and we are working with many other organizations to improve many aspects from the friendly sites approach within start-page, through the virtual world map approach to the massive on line library with thousands of free ebooks  as, and its other many websites and shortly a joint photo library as well.

Other areas in development include the fun portals and secret passages. net

Back to the map approach

!8 years or more ago we had a map based approach to information provision through the multi line bulletin board system, toady this philosophy is being reinvented through the group of sites connected with This is far more complex with districts of a larger town, fast routes to jump from one place to another and bus and similar routes that take you on a tour. Being created like many modern day American cities on a grid system its not difficult to work out where you are and how to move to other locations.

If we did just this and had links then to just normal websites it would be nothing more than a fun portal, however we are expanding the philosophy further and have a number of sites being developed that allow you to continue on your journey, for example which is virtual group of 4 shopping towers, each with many floors and many walks within each floor. Each tower also has 20 exhibition halls, it has stairs, lifts and more, you even met characters, and will be able to interact with some. A library, and many other buildings each with their own site are being developed to expand this concept.